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Knesset postpones voting on force-feeding for a week
Knesset postpones voting on force-feeding for a week
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Occupied Jerusalem , ALRAY- Israeli Knesset postponed on Sunday voting on law of force-feeding prisoners on hunger strike in the second and third reading as some political parties objected the voting.

The Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" pointed out on Monday that the Israeli Minister of Finance Yair Lapid demanded the postponement until conducting a comprehensive study and research of the nature of this controversial law. The voting was  postponed for a week.

Israeli hospitals union  had sent a letter to the Israeli prime minister and the speaker of the Knesset, confirming that it is not possible to implement this law in the Israeli hospitals.

The law stated that the Israeli Prison Service  is authorized to issue a decision of force-feeding Palestinian detainees if the hunger strike caused danger to their lives.

The Knesset was due to vote on the bill in final reading Sunday. It was fast-tracked in response to a hunger strike by dozens of Palestinian administrative detainees that has been going on for more than two months and has so far resulted in about 80 of them being hospitalized, Haartz Israeli newspaper said.

On April, 24th, Palestinian administrative Prisoners started an open hunger strike which continues until this moment calling to revoke Administrative detention, since there are prisoners been detained for more than 5 years. There are still 150 prisoners on hunger strike facing critical health conditions, without any kind of understanding from the Israeli side regardless of the prisoners’ basic human needs.