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Palestinian died of torture in Syria prisons
Palestinian died of torture in Syria prisons
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Damascus, ALRAY-  The Working Group for Palestinians in Syria said that Palestinian refugee Ibrahem al-Haj from Nairab camp  died on Tuesday of torture in Syrian prisons in Damascus.

Meanwhile, explosive barrels fell on Palestinian Deraa refugee camp in the southern Syria, causing injuries and destruction of a number of civilian houses, the group mentioned.

The imposed siege on the Yarmouk refugee camp continued despite the new signed agreement that aimed to keep the camp out of the ongoing conflict.

The Syrian authorities, representatives of relief agencies and military battalions inside the camp had signed an agreement to neutralize the camp and lift the siege.

The sound of explosions were heard loudly in the Nairab camp in Alppo  as the Syrian army attacked several sites there.

At least 2200 Palestinians have been killed in the ongoing Syria conflict, and around 250,000 Palestinian refugees have been forced to leave their homes in Syria due to violence in the country.

Prior to the conflict, 600,000 Palestinian refugees lived in Syria.