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Gaza deputy ministers boycott unity government's administrative committee
Gaza deputy ministers boycott unity government's administrative committee
Side of a meeting between ministers of the consensus government and deputy ministers in Gaz (Safa Images: File Photo)
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Gaza, Al Ray - Deputy Minister of Education in Gaza, Ziad Thabet unveiled that all deputy ministries in Gaza have boycotted the administrative committee formed by the consensus government as it is ‘ignoring the official Gaza personnel’. 

Thabet on Sunday said to the local Safa news agency that "The committee, which consists of the Prime Minister and two assistants, was formed in order to communicate with ministries in Gaza, but we were surprised that it is ignoring the Gaza staff. Therefore, the deputy ministers agreed on a decision to boycott the committee," 

"The government must deal with the all employees on the same par of legitimacy,” he said.

The Palestinian Council of Ministers in its 2nd meeting announced the formation of an administrative committee to address personnel issues. As the unity agreement provided, the committee’s mandate shall terminate in four months.

On whether there is contact between the ministries of education in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip, Thabet’s answer was positive, saying “there have been high contacts with the Ramallah ministry since the years of division, adding, "but such contacts are inefficient and do not solve many of education-related problems existing in Gaza."