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Cornerstone for building 60 settlement units in Ramallah
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Ramallah, ALRAY - The chairman of Israeli Knesset " Yuli Edelstein " laid on Sunday evening  the cornerstone for a settlement neighborhood in " Kochav Jacob " near Ramallah, with the presence of the former chairman of Shas Party " Eli Yishai " and " Avi Roaier", chairman of Ramallah region settlements board.

The project includes building 60 settlement units, 3 synagogues and a new wedding hall .

 Edelstein said that it is  a unique day when all Jewish spectrums unite to send a message to the world that religious people live with secularists in peace and love.

It is noteworthy that Israeli occupation continues its settlement action in the West Bank at the expense of Palestinians' lands and their property, in a bid to consolidate its presence and expel Palestinians.