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British MP to Arab rulers: Where are you to help Palestinians?
British MP George Galloway
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British MP George Galloway questioned the Arab silence over the Palestinians' suffering, saying "Will anyone, any Arab or Muslim leader stand up and lift even a finger to help the Palestinian people in this Israeli massacre?"  

"Where is Erdogan? The would be Ottoman Protector? Where? Where is Waleed bin Talal bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud, co-owner of Fox and Sky "News"? Where are the Kings and Emirs of the Arab world?. Where is King Abdullah, "Custodian of the two Mosques"? Where is General Sisi, "the new Nasser"? He added in a Facebook post.

He pointed out that "I address the Arab and Muslim leaders sincerely with this question. Judge yourselves before you are judged."

Galloway is a British politician and former member of British parliament. He is a supporter of the Palestinian cause and known of his views that are anti-war.