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War will not be worse than the miserable life we live: Gazans
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By/Fedaa al-Qedra

There are different views and reactions of people in Gaza regarding the latest Israeli threats to launch a new war on Gaza and destroy Hamas institutions, which are located primarily in densely populated neighborhoods. 

Most people in Gaza are taking these threats seriously and expect a catastrophic attack and war, while others consider these threats as a form of psychological warfare, aimed to raise civilian concerns and to create panic.

Although residents in the Gaza Strip are accustomed to repeated Israeli aggressions and violations of their human rights, the thought of a new war brings back memories of the horrors of prior Israeli operations that led to thousands of deaths and injuries.

During the past few days Israel has stepped up its threats to launch a new military operation in the Gaza Strip, after the discovery of the bodies of three missed settlers to the north of Hebron on Monday, June 30.

The Israeli Ministerial Council for Security and Political Affairs held a lengthy meeting last week to discuss a response to the killing of the three settlers and to the rocket fire from Gaza.  In advance of the meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set three goals which his government is determined to achieve - to search for the kidnappers; to attack Hamas in the West Bank; and to stop the firing of rockets toward Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip.

Local citizen Ibrahim Kodeih received the Israeli threats with coolness; he did not take any precautionary measures, despite a threat by Israel to wage war on the Gaza Strip.

He explained that they regularly hear the sounds of shelling and explosions in the area east of Khan Younis. "None of us cares about these strikes, since they have become normal for us, but our kids scream and cry when they hear the sound of any explosion."

"We trust the resistance in Gaza, which has brought us a level of comfort with its military capabilities that are prepared to face the Israeli arsenal," he added.

Khalil Masri another citizen said that the Israeli threats to wage war have never ceased.  "We’re accustomed to these threats, and certainly a war will not be worse than the miserable life we live; we hope that the world looks to our suffering."

With a heartbroken voice, Noor, who lost her brother in the last war said, "I do not want war on Gaza because it means death, and we do not want to cry again. I do not want to lose another brother, father or mother."

She pointed to the need to end Palestinian divisions and strengthen the internal front so that there is a strong deterrent to the Israeli occupation.

Political analysts and specialists on Israeli affairs recognize that the Israeli threats may lead to a large military aggression on the Gaza Strip that will target the Palestinian resistance and infrastructure, under the pretext of stopping rocket fire.

Many of the comments written on the Facebook activists on their personal accounts about the Israeli threats against the Gaza Strip indicate the Palestinian cynicism toward the occupation aggressions.

In the same context, citizen Ayman said that Netanyahu’s threats to launch a major war against Gaza are empty threats, and can’t possibly be realistic.

"The Israelis know very well that it is not easy to enter Gaza. They left Gaza because the resistance taught them a lesson they will never forget," he added.

For his part, the Vice President of the Political Bureau of the Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, played down the importance of Israeli threats against the region and Hamas, saying "We will confront any Israeli attempt to attack our Palestinian people.”

Haniyeh said in a press statement that the Israeli enemy unlawfully entered the occupied West Bank, killing young people, breaking into houses, burning farms and arresting the leaders and deputies of the Legislative Council.  They believe that by using these repressive policies they are capable of destroying the will, stability and resilience of the people, but our people are strong and grounded, and they are determined to continue resisting until they have obtained freedom and their right of return. "

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qedra, warned that the continuing shortage of medicines and medical supplies will have dangerous consequences on the health sector if Israel does not stop the attack against Gaza.

He confirmed that medical staffs are ready to deal with any expected aggression in the besieged Gaza, adding that his ministry is trying to manage this shortage crisis.

In the same context, the spokesperson for the Qassam Brigades said that the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip is always ready to respond to any Israeli aggression, noting that the threats of the occupation is no longer frightening the Palestinian people.

Since the disappearance of the three Israeli settlers, the Israeli army has continued its assaults against Palestinians in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip, causing the death and injury of dozens of Palestinians.

Most Palestinians wonder how long the occupation and aggressions will last.  They wonder if the world is watching the bullying of innocent civilians, the destruction of civilians houses and kidnapping children, and if they will ever get justice.