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Clashes in West Bank, Israel's Arab towns after killings
In the three weeks since the settlers' initial disappearance, Israel has rounded up hundreds of West Bank Palestinians
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JERUSALEM, AA - Clashes broke out between scores of angered Palestinians and Israeli security forces inside Israel and the West Bank on Sunday following the killing of two Palestinians after they were run over by an Israeli man, Israeli police said.

Thus far, 14 Palestinians have been arrested during confrontations with Israeli security forces in the northern Tamra city, according to a statement by the Israeli police Sunday evening.

Clashes also erupted in the towns of Nazareth as well as the West Bank towns of Abu Deis and al-Eizariya – the latter two lie adjacent to Jerusalem, according to the statement which was broadcast on Israeli radio.

Ten thousand Israeli policemen have been deployed to the flashpoint areas, the statement added.

Two Palestinians were killed Sunday when an Israeli man ran them over with his vehicle in northern Israel's Haifa city, eyewitnesses said, as tensions continue in the occupied territories.

The two Palestinians were run over by a Jewish settler after they had pulled over on a highway near Haifa to check an apparent malfunction in their own vehicle, according to Israeli police's statement, which said investigation with the settler is underway.

The two slain Palestinians, named Sobhi Abu Hamed and Anwar Satal, come from the West Bank cities of Qalqiliya and Tulkarm.

It is unclear whether the killings were intentional. However, the incident comes amid a wave of anger in the occupied territories after the family of 16-year-oldPalestinian Mohamed Abu Khdeer said Israeli settlers had kidnapped and murdered him from in East Jerusalem this week.

Abu Khdeer's charred body was found on Wednesday in a forest near Jerusalem in a suspected "revenge" attack by Jewish settlers for the recent killing of three Israeli teenagers who went missing from a West Bank settlement.

Preliminary autopsy report showed that Mohamed had been burnt alive by his kidnappers.

Footage taken from a security camera near his Jerusalem home showed what appeared to be Jewish settlers abducting the boy.

In the footage, the kidnappers can be seen forcing him into their car before speeding off.

Tensions have already ridden the Palestinian territories since three Israeli settlers who went missing in June were found dead last week near the West Bank city of Hebron.

In the three weeks since the settlers' initial disappearance, Israel has rounded up hundreds of West Bank Palestinians, including lawmakers, former cabinet ministers and members of Gaza-based Hamas movement which Israel has accused of abducting and killing the trio.

No Palestinian group has claimed responsibility for the settlers' disappearance or subsequent death.