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Day 8: On-the-spot updates of Israel's attacks on Gaza
Day 8: On-the-spot updates of Israel's attacks on Gaza
(July 13, 2014)
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The continuing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip that entered Day 6 has so far led to the death of 172 Palestinians and wounded over 1150 others. 

Israeli aircraft mostly target houses, and agricultural land adjacent to the houses. Following are the latest updates:


17:58 A raid on an agricultural land near the Khaznadar petrol station, northern Gaza City

17:53 Intensive artillery fire from the military base Kissufim towards the town of Qarara, east of Khan Younis 

17:45 The number of injured in the targeting of a motorcycle the Beni Suhaila town of Khan Younis rises to 2 

17:43 Occupation artillery fires shells towards empty land east of Khan Younis. No one hurt 

17:42 The Israeli airstrike causes substantial damage and fire in the house of Al-Azhar University professor Mo’een Rajab, Al-Sena’a Street, west of Gaza City 

17:21 An airstrike on a house for Rajab family in the west of Gaza City 

17:12 One injured in a targeting of a motorcycle in Khan Younis

16:51 Tamer Kodeih reported killed in the bombing of a group of citizens in Abasan town, Khan Younis

16:31 Artillery shelling on Al-Reda Mosque in Khan Younis. No one injured

15:53 Continued shelling from military bases of Kerem Shalom and Sufa towards the east of Rafah

15:52 Military drones target a house for Manon family in Jabalia

15:43 Intensive artillery fire to the east of Beit Hanoun town

15:37 A barrage of tank shells fired towards the Al-Qarara town of Khan Younis and the east of Rafah

15:35 A number of injured reported in the shelling of eastern Beit Hanoun

15:32 A raid on agricultural land in the Bassa area of Deir al-Balah. No injuries

15:30 An attack on a house for Ramadan family in Assalya Street of Jabalia 

15:28 A house for Abu Hatem Abu Issa Johr el-Dik targeted with a military drone missile 

15:25 Military drones bomb an agricultural land for Aqel family next to a house for Nijim family in Nusierat refugee camp

15:25 Occupation jet fighters bomb a house for Nijim family in Salahuddin Street of Nusierat refugee camp, central Gaza Strip

15:24 One injured in the shelling of a house for Salman family Jabalia  

15:22 An apartment of Al-Nada tower targeted by an artillery shell in the northern Gaza Strip. One reported injured.  

15:09 Two airstrikes in the north of Beit Hanoun 

14:52 Fire broke out from the house of Abdel Fattah al-Hams and two nearby houses

14:42 Abdullah Baraka killed as his motorcycle attacked in Bani Suhaila town of Khan Younis 

14:00 Hamid Abu Arraj, 60, from Deir al-Balah killed in the airstrike

13:55 Two apartments of a large residential building in central Rafah bombed 

13:13 Military drones launch four missiles on a residential tower in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip

12:51 A serious injury reported in a raid that targeted a motorcycle east of Khan Younis

12:35 Military drones bomb for the second time a house for Meshmesh family west of al-Nuseirat refugee camp, central Gaza Strip

12:25 An agricultural land bombed in al-Mansoura Street of Shijaiyeh neighborhood, east of Gaza City

12:24 Warplanes bomb a house for al-Hadidi family in the al-Shate' refugee camp in the west of Gaza City

12:23 Israeli aircraft bomb a house for family of Al-Qatati in Tal al-Sultan neighborhood of Rafah

11:28 AM Four injured in an airstrike that targeted an agricultural land for Abu Kmail family in al-Moghraqa town, the central Gaza Strip 

11:20 Occupation aircraft target a house for Abo Daqqa family southeast of Khan Younis

10:58 Occupation aircraft target the house of Wael Abu Asfah in al-Berka area of Deir al-Balah in central Gaza with a missile

10:30 An air raid targets an agricultural land in the eastern al-Satar area of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip 

10:26 Occupation air forces re-target an agricultural land east of Jabalia town, northern Gaza Strip 

10:19 Warplanes bomb citizen lands near the municipal slaughterhouse in the south of the al-Zeytoun neighborhood east of Gaza City

10:13: A military drone targets a house for Shalabi family in Nuseirat refugee camp, central Gaza Strip 

10:09: Heavy artillery shelling of an agricultural land in the Khuza'a and Abasan towns of eastern Khan Younis 

10:09: Warplanes bomb farmland east of Jabalya, northern Gaza Strip 

10:08: Military drones target a house in the Shijaiyeh neighborhood east of Gaza. One citizen injured

10:04: Huge explosions heard in the eastern areas of the South and North 

9:56: A new raid on the ex-Israeli settlements area west of Rafah

9:46: Israeli aircraft bomb, destroy the house of Mustafa Assaliyeh in Jabalia, northern Gaza Strip 

9:45: Six mildly injured in the bombing of northern Gaza Strip farmland 

9:24: Warplanes fire several missiles on agricultural land in the Bureij refugee camp, central Gaza 

9:21 Warplanes bomb an agricultural land near the municipal Gaza Slaughterhouse in the Zeytoun neighborhood 

9:18 Israeli raid on agricultural land in central Strip town of al-Mughraqa. No one injured 

9:15 Two airstrikes in al-Zeytoun neighborhood in Gaza City and al-Mughraqa town  

8:43 Intensive flight of Israeli aircraft in the skies of the Gaza Strip 

8:15 Israeli artillery and naval extensively shell on citizen homes east and west of the Central Governorate

7:52 Occupation artillery fire smoke bombs towards the Abasan El-Kabira area in Farahin neighborhood, east of Rafah

7:49 Artillery shelling of citizen land in the east of al-Magazi town, central Gaza Strip

7:41 Fires rising from the land targeted northwest of Rafah as there was agricultural equipment 

7:28 Warplanes bomb, destroy the house of Amr al-Amour in the Al-Fkhari town east of Khan Younis 

7:16 Seven raids on agricultural land in the Ma'an area east of Khan Younis. No injuries reported

7:09 Sound of a heavy explosion heard in Rafah 

7:05 A military drone targets Al-Aqsa Petrol Station in Deir al-Balah 

6:18 Israeli aircraft bomb farmland east of Khan Younis 

5:57 Eight injured in the military drone bombing of the vicinity of Ziyara and Abdu family 

5:41 Four injured in a military drone bombing of a house for Abdu family in the Al-Tofah neighborhood 

5:38 A military drone targets a house in the al-Tofah neighborhood of Gaza City

5:16 Israeli aircraft raid on an unknown target west of Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip

5:15 A raid on the Al-Kashif Mount area east of Jabalya town

5:01 A warplane targets the house of Salman Abu Sha’ar amid the Shaboura area of Rafah

03:42 Israeli shelling on Al-Nour Mosque west of Deir al-Balah in central Gaza Strip 

03:40 Occupation air forces bomb the Ansar security facility in Gaza City 

03:30 Fire sweeps through an apartment of a residential tower in Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood, west of Gaza City, after an Israeli raid on it

3:25 Two injured in the bombing of a house for Shamallakh family for the third time, southwest of Gaza City 

2:50 Resistance sites bombed in Sheikh Zayed Residential City, northern Gaza Strip 

2:45 Three children and a woman injured in an Israeli bombing in Khan Younis 

02:28 One injured, in airstrikes on a house of Rizik family west of Gaza City, taken to Al-Shifa Hospital

2:25 War drones bomb a land near the al-A’aiydi junction in the El Gneina neighborhood, east of Rafah

2:12 Jet fighters bomb military sites for resistance groups near the al-Maqousi towers west of Gaza City 

2:10 A war drone fires a missile in a farmland in the west of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip 

01:50 Central Gaza Governorate: Airstrikes reported on empty land in al-Nuseirat refugee camp, al-Bureij refugee camp, al-Magazi town 

01:45 Warplanes raid on agricultural land and on the headquarters of the Civil Administration in the east of Jabalia, northern Gaza Strip

1:40 Two airstrikes on agricultural land in the west of Nuseirat refugee camp

1:30 Occupation artillery bomb empty land east of Rafah

1:25 Raids in the vicinity of Shamallakh family homes in the Sheikh Ejlein neighborhood, southwest of Gaza City

1:18 Jet fighters destroy a house for Atwan family, central Gaza Strip 

1:15 Jet fighters destroy a house for Hassouna family in Jabalia refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip. Serious damage to surrounding houses reported

1:05 A drone launches a missile on a house for Rizik family near the Swedish Healthcare Center, west of Gaza City 

1:00 Adham Abdel al-A’al dies of injuries sustained earlier in an airstrike

00:57 A drone fires a missile at a house for Hassouna family in Jabalya town, northern Gaza Strip 

00:56 Jet fighters launch two raids on agricultural land in the south of Deir al-Balah  

00:54 Jets bomb a military site for Al-Qassam Brigades near the Civil Administration area east of Jabalya. Huge fires broke out

00:50 A drone fires a missile at a house for Eliyan family in Beit Lahia, northern Gaza Strip 

00:30 An attack on an agricultural land in the vicinity of Ali Mosque in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood southwest of Gaza City 

00:25 An airstrike on a military site for Al-Qassam Brigades east of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip 

00:22 Two air raids air on Gaza City 

00:05 Female citizen Hanadi Muammar, 27, killed in the Khan Younis airstrike