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Day 10: On-the-spot updates of Israel's attacks on Gaza
Day 10: On-the-spot updates of Israel's attacks on Gaza
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The continuing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip that entered Day 6 has so far led to the death of 212 Palestinians and wounded over 1530 others.

Israeli aircraft mostly target houses, and agricultural land adjacent to the houses. Following are the latest updates:


19:00 One killed and two wounded in a warplane bombing on a group of people in the Katiba area of ​​Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip

18:50 Two airstrikes on the Rafah border and the Naser neighborhood, southern Gaza Strip

18:48 Akram Abu Amer and his brother Kamal killed in an airstrike in Abasan town east of Khan Younis 

18:43 A military drone targets a group of citizens in Abasan town east of Khan Younis 

18:41 Two children injured in a bombing near Abdullah Azzam Mosque in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip 

18:40 A number of injuries in the bombing of a house for Shamallakh family in the Sheikh Ejlein neighborhood southwest of Gaza City 

18:25 Injuries reported as a group of people targeted near Abdullah Azzam Mosque in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip 

18:15 A land for Abu Sultan family bombed in Deir al-Balah, central Gaza Strip

17:53 6-year-old Hamza Thari dies his wounds sustained a few days ago 

17:46 Israeli government approves a call-up of new 8,000 reservists 

17:20 Injuries to a group of citizens targeted by Israeli aircraft in Khan Younis 

17:07 Occupation bombs a house for Hajjaj family east of al-Shijaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza

16:52 Israel Channel 7: 60 raids carried out on the Gaza Strip since the morning 

16:49 Two missiles on an agricultural land in the al-Naser neighborhood northeast of Rafah 

16:40 Health ministry: 4 children killed and others injured after airstrikes drop on a Gaza Beach rest stop 

16:01 One killed and 3 injured in the targeting of a mosque near Be’er al-Na’ja region, northern Gaza 

15:37 Aircraft bomb the house of Khalid Harara and strike a previously bombed, abandoned marble workshop 

15:32 Abdul-Rahman Al-Serhi died of his wounds 

15:19 Occupation once again warns El-Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital east of Gaza City to evacuate. International solidarity activists form a human shield staying inside 

14:40 Fire escalates in Gaza seaport due to a bombing by naval warships off the coast

14:02 Airstrikes in western Khan Younis and eastern Rafah

13:40 An attack in the east of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip 

12:41 3 injured in a bombing of Meshaal family in Deir al-Balah 

12:16 Occupation aircraft destroy a house for Harara family in al-Shijaiya neighborhood east of Gaza City 

12:11 The martyrs targeted in the car bombing in Bani Suhaila are: Ibrahim Abu Omar, Ibrahim Abu Daqqa, and old women Khadra Abu Daqqa

12:03 Occupation artillery target a house for Sersawi family east of Gaza City

11:43 Two killed in a bombing of a civilian car in Bani Suhaila town of Khan Younis 

11:26 Occupation bombs a house for Al-Nua’izi family in al-Shijaiya neighborhood east of Gaza City

11:15 One man injured in an airstrike of Mahkama Street of Jabalya town admitted to Kamal Odwan Hospital 

11:14 Occupation targets a house for Haddad family in al-Sha’af neighborhood, east of Gaza City 

10:53 Occupation bombs an agricultural land in the Abasan al-Kabira town of al-Farrahin neighborhood, Rafah

10:41 Agricultural land bombed in the Naser neighborhood, east of Rafah

10:8 Occupation destroys a house for Kilani family in Shaimaa the area of Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip

9:45 A warplane targets an agricultural land near Al-Dawa Mosque north of the al-Nuseirat 

9:42 Artillery bombardment of agricultural land in the Bureij and Nusseirat refugee camps 

9:40 Aircraft target a house for Eshtewi family in the Zeytoun neighborhood east of Gaza City

9:20 Artillery fire several shells towards the Bureij and Nuseirat refugee camps 

9:16 5 injured in an Israeli shelling on a house for Abu Ajwa family west of Gaza City

8:57 An Apache helicopter fires a missile at an unknown target in western Nuseirat 

8:44 Occupation hacks Al-Aqsa TV Channel and broadcast videos inciting against Hamas and resistance movements

8:29 Israeli aircraft target an agricultural land in the al-Mansheya area of ​​Beit Lahiya 

8:19 Health ministry: the outcome of the ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip until the moment: 205 killed and 1530 wounded 

8:17 Health ministry: Ashraf Abu Shanab, 33, dies of injuries 

8:15 One man injured in an Israeli shelling in the vicinity of Beit Lahiya Cemetery

8:13 Israeli aircraft bomb a National Security Service facility in Deir al-Balah 

8:11 Airstrikes on the house of Subhi Abu Sha’ar in Rafah 

8:7 Several missiles launched on a resistance facility in Maghazi 

8:4 Fresh raids on northern Gaza Strip and al-Maghazi, central Gaza Strip

7:57 Airstrikes on the house of Fathi A’bed in Deir al-Balah  

7:50 Ashraf Abu Shant, 38, killed after being targeted by a military drone in Rafah

7:31 33-year-old Fareed Abu Daqqa, from Khan Younis, dies of his injuries  

7:11 A military drone strikes a target in downtown Rafah 

7:00 A group of citizens targeted in the Ma'an area east of Khan Younis. One killed and several injured 

6:40 A raid on a house for Abu Hatab family in Khan Younis 

6:24 Warplane targets a house for Al-Ashi family near Al-Kinz Mosque in central Gaza City 

6:15 Serious damage reported as airstrikes target an agricultural land for Al-Helou family near al-Farouq Mosque in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, Gaza City

6:08 Warplanes bomb an agricultural land close to Mohammed al-Fateh Mosque in Beit Lahiya 

5:57 Airstrikes destroy the house of Abu Faraj al-Asmar south of Nuseirat refugee camp

5:36 Aircraft target a house for Adnan Kolab near Abu Assi School in the Shate’ refugee camp, southwest of Gaza City

5:32 3 airstrikes on large areas of agricultural land for Abu Mudein family west of Nuseirat refugee camp

5:25 Muhammad Shurrab, 23, dies of injuries sustained in the last bombing of Khan Younis 

5:20 A military drones launches a missile at a farmland in al-Zaytoun neighborhood

5:18 Warships extensively fire missiles through the shores of the Gaza City ​​ 

5:15 Artillery fire a number of shells towards the eastern areas of Gaza City 

5:13 Second man found killed in the airstrike that targeted the house of  al-Arjani family southwest of Khan Younis