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Israeli security source : don’t underestimate Hamas fighters' capabilities
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AlRAY - A high-level Israeli security source described the recent changes Hamas fighters had as "uncalculated surprise."

The Hamas fighters of 2014 and 2008 are not the same, the source said describing who underestimates Hamas's power a “fool” .

The source added in an interview with " Bazem" military magazine Sunday evening that Today’s Hamas has a full military army.

The movement has formed a group of military brigades similar to the Israeli army ones, like the elite brigade Israeli army has longley been proud of its bravery. This unit is well-prepared for confronting and surprising Israeli army in case of ground invasion. 

Israel has launched an offensive against the Gaza Strip since 7 July and started a limited ground invasion near Gaza border in which dozens of its soldiers killed and hundreds injured due to violent clashes with Palestinian resistance.