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Testimonies from Al Shifa Hospital
Testimonies from Al Shifa Hospital
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By Maram Humaid

Gaza, ALRAY - Hassan Abu Saleem, a two - year kid from Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, was sleeping on his aunt's arm, when a shrapnel of an Israeli missile came from the window yesterday and hit his head causing a partial skull fracture. 

His mother, Sherieen Abu Saleem, 26, who was silently sitting beside little Hassan's bed said ," Hassan is my only child, I suffered a lot until he came, I miscarried twice and I lost a baby girl before he was born."

Sherieen expressed her joy as Hassan woke up, ate and drank few minutes before meeting her," Doctors were concerned about his case, but luckily he woke up and spoke to me "

Hassan's family live in east Jabalia near the border zone.