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Israel prevents 4 pilgrims from traveling to Mecca
Israel prevents 4 pilgrims from traveling to Mecca
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Gaza, Al Ray - ‘Israel’ prevented Saturday four Palestinian pilgrims from traveling to Mecca to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage, citing security-related reasons.

Mohammed Amayra from Bethlehem said that the Israeli authorities turned him away along with three others at al-Karama Bridge crossing and ordered them to go to the military liaison office. 

There, they were demanded to note whatever they wish and deliver the note paper to the forces at the crossing, and to come back eight weeks later, Amayra added.

Israeli intelligence forces prevent Palestinian citizens from the occupied West Bank to travel through Jordan on regular basis under so-called ‘security pretexts’.

A total of 6,280 Palestinians are to sheduled to perform the annual rite this year, including 2000 from the Gaza Strip.

1,000 of the Palestinian pilgrims of martyrs' families are sponsered by the Saudi government.