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89% of summer offensive victims are civilians
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Alray –  In an investigation conducted by Associated press – AP - , 89% of victims killed in the last Israeli summer offensive on Gaza which lasted for 51 days, were civilians. 
According to the investigation, 60% of 844 people killed were children, women and elderly, while only 11% of them were militants. 

The investigation reviewed  247 raids out of more than 5000 raids launched on Gaza, according to witnesses testimonies and field visits to bombed buildings.
The investigation found that 844 civilians were killed, 508 of them were children, women and elderly and were unarmed. 

The investigation shows that the youngest victim was only a 4- days baby girl, and the oldest was 95 years, 280 of victims were under 16, including 19 infants, 108 children under 5 years.

The investigation has also pointed out that 83 raids killed 3 or more members of one family,  only 96 people were armed, 11% of the total number of  victims The other 240 victims were unarmed men aged between 16-59.

It is noteworthy that the investigation did not include the victims who were killed by the artillery shelling, sniping or field operations, as what happened in the eastern areas in Gaza during the ground incursion.