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Al-Bozum: remarkable progress made in case of Fuqaha assassination
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Gaza, ALRAY-A spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior and National Security in Gaza Iyad al-Bozum said that the security services have made a remarkable progress and reached important information in the case of the assassination of the ex-detainee Mazen Fuqaha.

Al-Bozum said , in an interview with Al-Jazeera Mubasher, that the investigation into the assassination of Fuqaha is completely confidential; pointing out that the ministry will announce the results clearly after completion.

He stressed that all the rumors in the Palestinian street on the issue of the assassination of Fuqaha are incorrect, explaining that the occupation is trying to spread rumors to influence the conduct of investigations.

Al-Bozum confirmed that repentance door is still open before  the spies until next Tuesday, stressing that who will not surrender himself to justice, will expose himself to questioning.

He explained that the security services have been able to arrest a number of spies, during the current security campaign and they are under investigation.

He explained that the rumors about escape of spies across the sea and the border is not accurate, adding: "There may be may be cases of infiltration, and not necessarily all of the infiltrators are spies".

Al-Bozum said that the security barriers deployed in the Strip helped to uncover drug dealers, fugitive criminals and a number of spies.