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Health condition of two Palestinian detainees deteriorates
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Ramallah, ALRAY- Commission of detainees and ex-detainees affairs said on Monday that the health situation of the detainees Kamal Mosalem 43, and Ibrahim Abu Mustafa 33, are getting worse day by day due to medical negligence practiced by Israeli prison service (IPS) in Ashkelon prison.  

In a press release, the commission reported that the Mosalem, from the town of Talfit in Nablus, is still suffering from several health problems, including heart problems, chest pains, toes and hands with swelling in his right foot.


It also noted that the detainee Abu Mustafa from the Gaza Strip suffers from problems in the liver, heart, stomach, kidney, intestinal obstruction, high cholesterol, pressure and nerve problems. He took 18 pills every day, but does not feel any improvement on his health.


Local human rights organizations reported in 2014 that 800 patient prisoners, out of 6800 Palestinian prisoners, are serving in various Israeli prisons.


More than 24 prisoners are suffering from mental illness and health deterioration due to the lack of medical care. IPS give them only painkillers and drugs that force the patient to sleep for long hours.


Due the policy of medical neglect, 58 Palestinian prisoners died in Israeli prisons, four of whom died last year:  Ashraf Ayoub, Arafat Jaradat , Maisara Abu Hamdiya and Hassan al-Turabi. Several prisoners are at risk dying due to their serious health condition such as Matsamm Raddad , Mansour mowqeda , Alaa al-Hams and Yosry al-Masry.