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IOF arrests two Jerusalemite youths
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation police extended Monday the arrest of two Jerusalemite youths for the second day, without giving clear reasons. 

The IOF arrested Malk al-Qaq,15, and Omar Da’na,16, in a raid to Silwan town south of occupied Jerusalem. 

Wadi Hilwa information center reported that the IOF raided the town and deployed in the streets before arresting the two youths after clashes erupted between the IOF and Palestinians youths.

It also reported that the Israeli magistrate court extended the detention of a number of Jerusalemites until accomplishing the measures against them. 

meanwhile, the IOF released three Jerusalemites with a fine of NIS 500 and a home arrest for ten days. 
 It also released Muhand Abu Asab and expelled him from his hometown in Issaweyah to al-Earyah for 30 days. 

On the other hand, the Islamic movement of Hamas called on the Palestinian people in West Bank to defend Al-Aqsa mosque against the Israeli settlers raids.

The spokesperson of Hamas , Abd Allateef Qanoua’ stated that the Israeli continues raiding to Al-Aqsa mosque is a brutal aggression.