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National program to support hunger striker detainees in West Bank
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Gaza, ALRAY - National forces and public organizations, detainees and ex-detainees commissions, detainees clubs, right organizations and public figures announced a joint program to support hunger strikers detainees staring on 17, April, which coincides Palestinian Prisoners' Day. 

In a meeting held with these forces, they agreed to form a national committee to follow up the procedures of the program in addition to forming a media and legal committee. 

The attendance affirmed the importance of mobilizing Palestinian citizens to participate in supporting the detainees on their hunger strike.

The activities will start on 16/4 in Nablus city by lighting “freedom torch”, then holding massive marches, erecting tents in all cities centers. On 17/4 which is the strike day, festivals and workshopswill be held in addition to cultural activites about detainees. 

The participants called all the international organizations to hold their legal and humanitarian responsibilities to support the fair case of detainees.