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Economic crisis may lead to military escalation: Israeli official
Head of Israel Intelligence Research Division, General Dror Shalom
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Gaza, ALRAY - Head of Israel Intelligence Research Division, General Dror Shalom warned of the economic crisis, saying that it may lead to an escalation.


Shalom said in a speech to Walla site that Hamas movement is not interested in waging a new escalation with Israel currently, adding that the last war affected Hamas harshly. 


He went on saying that Hamas realizes that any lapse in the security status would force Israeli army to resort to the military solutions.


As Hamas faces economic and strategic crisis , the probability of a new round of military escalation with Gaza became a matter of time.


He said that Hamas is well prepared for any military conflict, it developed its technology and it seek to manufacture precision missiles.


Hamas has warned of its reaction if she is put in tight corner.


He explained that since he has this new position he has been studying the threats in all countries of the region and found that the irritable in the region attributed to three main reasons. The first is that half of the population of the Middle East is under the age of 24, ,most of them are unemployed, 2 million children in Syria, Iraq, and Egypt, are out of school , adding to that, that there are 10 million refugees. 


He noted that we could not neglect the impact of the international intervention and increased influence of the Islamic state organization.


Shalom waved the possibility of the breaking of a wide scale war , even though there are a state of tension on five fronts. He referred to the possibility of the breaking of war with one of these fronts.