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4 abductees, “602 days away from families”
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Gaza, ALRAY - After passing of 602 days since the abduction of the four Palestinians by unkown masked men in Egypt’s Sinai, a cloudy ambiguity is still encircling their question in light of lack any official information pertaining to their unknown destiny.

Fearing of the abductees’ unknown destiny, along with the anguish of separation burn the hearts of the abductees’ families who spared no effort to have an answer about their sons and their whereabouts, yet no one gave them the wanted answer until now.

The four Palestinians abductees were travelling legally for study and treatment in Turkey and were kidnapped in front of the passengers when masked men broke into their transport bus while on its way to Cairo, and began to call out Yasser Zanoun, Abdullah Abu Al-Jabin, Hussein al-Zubdah and Abdul Dayem Abu Libdeh. And then they took them to an unknown place.

Rogue group:

The abductees’ families staged dozens of demonstrations and sit-ins, demanding the release of their sons, and that they are awaiting ascertained news that their sons are still alive.

Spokesman for the abductees’ families Muhammed Abu Libdeh said that the four abductees’ file still the same even after passing more than 200 days without having any information about them and their whereabouts.

“What makes us more compelling is that our sons were kidnapped by rogue men while they were travelling through Egypt, and no one turned a hair until now to uncover the crime circumstances,” Abu Libdeh added.

Abu Libdeh indicated that things seem to be clear to Egyptian and Palestinian authorities with regard to the abduction method and its time and place.

Abu Libdeh noted that they received a piece of information that their sons are held inside an Egyptian prison, getting the most brutal torture forms.


Abu Libdeh denounced the Egyptian security authorities for their carelessness to reveal the fate of the four Palestinians abductees, and accused them of not providing a protection for them since they were legally allowed to enter the Egyptian territories.

Abu Libdeh indicated that the four Palestinians men were kidnapped between two Egyptian army’s ambushes, not very far from the Rafah Border Crossing.

He asserted that they still have not receive any official information about the fate of their sons until now either from the Egyptian Presidency nor from its Foreign affairs.

He called upon the Palestinian Authority and its president Mahmoud Abbas to assume responsibility towards their sons’ question.

Great sadness:

Abdul Dayem Abu Libdeh’s mother expressed her deep sadness that she feels in light of her son’s absence who intended to travel abroad for study, however, his abduction prevented him from achieving his dreams.

Abdul Dayem Abu Libdeh’s mother said that Abdul Dayem kissed my forehead and hugged me as he went out for travelling and said, “I will not stay too long outside mom. I’m coming back soon so don’t worry. I’m a man who fears no one as soon as your prayers with me.” But he did not answer my phone calls until the moment. She added, “I wish I could talk to him.”

Life of the abductee Abdul Dayem and his family is no longer as it was before abducting him.

The moment Abdul Dayem had been awaiting to achieve his dreams was about to come true, so he determined to leave the blockaded Gaza Strip to Turkey after the Egyptian authorities declared to open the Rafah Crossing for three days in a row, hoping to fulfill his dreams as many young people in the coastal enclave hope.

Yasser Zanoun is one among the people who went out to achieve his simplest aspiration of studying abroad. Unfortunately, he was not aware of what was hiding behind the gate of the Rafah Crossing.

Hussein al-Zubdah, in his early 30s, left his two small kids behind who have not stopped asking: “Where is my dad? When is he coming?”

Hussein al-Zubdah’s family debates how it can explain to the kids that their father was abducted in the Egyptian territories, not by the Israeli occupation that have held thousands of Palestinians.
A premeditated crime:

National Movement to Break the Siege on Gaza called to intensify efforts to reveal the fate of the four Palestinians abductees.

The movement affirmed that the abduction of the four men is a serious indicator to the nature of the current events between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, adding that Palestinians have become don’t trust their souls in Egypt.

The movement added that kidnapping the four men is a controlled incident, stressing that it the kidnapping classified as a crime in accordance with humanitarian and international laws and conventions.

The movement called upon the Egyptian authorities to work quickly to release them by the virtue of its security responsibility.

It confirmed that the Palestinians are keen to establish strong ties with Egypt, away from all obstacles.