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New bid to build Jewish feature west of Al-Aqsa mosque
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - “The Western Wall Heritage Foundation” , which is a governmental body authorized by Israeli prime minister office, announced that 27,April is the deadline for receiving bids for Beit Haliba at the western wall plaza, 200 m west of Al-Aqsa mosque, “48 daily” site reported. 

The ground floor will open with a 136 sqm. lobby that leads to three classrooms and a 155-seat auditorium. The ‘Hall of Yearning’ will educate visitors about the history of the Western Wall and a “systems room” will occupy an additional 95-sqm. area.

The top floor will feature a library, 100-sqm. of office space, a learning center, a room for guides, a classroom and another 25-sqm. “systems room.”

The roof will serve as an observation deck and will be accessible from the Jewish Quarter (as opposed to exclusively from within the building).

Finally, the basement level will offer access to the archaeological site and to an old Roman road that leads to the Dung Gate.

It’s worth mentioning that this project considered the biggest judicial projects to be built in the Buraq wall which will change the whole nature of the place.