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Naeim praises the achivements of Health ministry
The head of Health and Environment sector, Basem Naeim
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Gaza, ALRAY - The head of Health and Environment sector, Basem Naeim praised Thursday the achievements of Health ministry despite of the tight siege. 

In a speech during inaugurating the Department of Radiology at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir Al-Balah, Naeim said that the government does not save efforts to improve and develop the health sector besides all governmental facilities. 

He made clear that the administrative committee works hard to fulfill its responsibilities, and called on the government of consensus to hold its responsibilities towards Gaza strip. 

He thanked Qatar charity institution which funded many projects in the health sector, that coasted about $ 16 million. 

Deputy Director of the Qatar Foundation Foundation Mahmoud Abu Khalifa , noted that the Department of Radiology is one of the important departments in the hospital as it will provide an important Medical service.

Al-Aqsa hospital provides medical services for about 300,000 civilians in central Gaza , which suffers a lot during the Israeli aggressions against Gaza.