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Appeals to Egyptian Authorities to open Rafah Crossing
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Gaza, ALRAY -- The director of Rafah crossing, Hisham Adwan, called on the Egyptian authorities to permanently open the crossing in both directions, considering that opening it in one direction after more than 55 days continuous closure is inadequate.

"There are more than 20 thousand of Palestinian citizens stuck in the Gaza Strip of humanitarian cases in a dire need to travel, in light of the longest period of closure of Rafah crossing since the beginning of this year."Adwan said.

Adwan appealed to the Egyptian authorities to ease its procedures against Palestinian passengers, stressing that passengers are subjected to repeated searches at the Egyptian army checkpoints deployed from Cairo to the Rafah crossing.

Egyptian authorities exceptionally opened on Saturday morning the Rafah crossing in one direction for three days, from Saturday to Monday, for the return of those stuck on the Egyptian side.

According to Interior Ministry in Gaza, the opening of Rafah crossing for the first time in 55 days, the longest closure during the past eight months,  aggravated the suffering of Gazan passengers.

It is noteworthy that this is the fourth time that Rafah crossing has been opened this year after it was opened by the Egyptian authorities on March 6 and before February 11 for three days for the passage of humanitarian and medical cases and students in both directions.

Israel has besieged the Gaza Strip since 2006, where Rafah crossing is the only port for Gaza's two million residents and is constantly closed. The Egyptian authorities exceptionally open the crossing for humanitarian cases in spaced intervals.