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"Israel" refuses primarily to stop funding electricity in Gaza
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A senior Palestinian official said to “Al-Hayat Al-London” newspaper that "Israel" did not respond this month to an official request by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to stop cutting the price of electricity consumption in Gaza, which worths $ 11 million.

The official said that Israel refused the request from PA to stop customs revenues collected from Palestinian importers through ports and crossings controlled by Israel, for the benefit of the Authority.

He added, "We were surprised when Israel deducted the customs revenues, at the beginning of this month, 40 million shekels ($ 11 million), and we objected this action"

"We pay for Israel's electricity consumption as allowance in Gaza, while Hamas collects money from consumers and transfers funds to its budget," the official said.

“The Authority has decided to stop funding Hamas in Gaza, and we will reiterate the demand that Israel stop cutting funds from our revenues in favor of Hamas and its coup."

Palestinian Authority announced last month a series of steps to minimize expenses in Gaza Strip and started cutting 30 percent of the salaries of its 60,000 employees, and then demanding Israel to cut its electricity revenues.

The Palestinian affairs analyst in Israeli site said that "Israel" would resolve its position on the issue of electricity sector in the coming days.

He explained that Israel has two options, to approve the request of the Authority and cut off electricity, and thus to lead to serious humanitarian deterioration in Gaza strip so increasing the chances of a new military confrontation.

The second option is to "buy calm" and to pay the electricity company 40 million shekels a month for the electricity of Gaza strip, so as not to reach the total interruption of electricity.