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IOF arrests 16 Palestinians from WB and Occupied Jerusalem
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West Bank, ALRAY - Following its daily policy, the IOF waged Sunday evening a wide scale arrest campaign to different cities of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem. 

Local sources reported that the IOF arrested 16 Palestinians from Hebron, Tulkarem, occupied Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Qalqilya, claiming that it found weapons in Hebron. 

The sources reported that the IOF arrested Munjed Qawasmi, who is releases a week ago, after serving nine months in Israeli jails, as well as Islam and Malek Qufeshah. 

In Tulkarem, the IOF arrested four Palestinians from Feroon town. 

It also arrested three Palestinians from Bethlehem, and an ex-detainee from Qalqelya. 

In Jerusalem the IOF arrested six Palestinians.