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Palestinian prisoners continue hunger strike for 23 days
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Gaza, ALRAY – About 1600 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails continue the battel of Freedom and Dignity hunger strike for the 23rd consecutive days.

Palestinian prisoners embarked the strike in the 17th of April in marking the Palestinian prisoners’ day, protesting the Israeli measures against them and denying their basic rights.

The Israeli prison service (IPS) escalated its abusive measure against hunger striking prisoners, as the lawyer of prisoners’ committee reported after paying a visit to both prisoners Nael Al-Bargouti and Mohammad Al-Qiq who reported that IPS imposed mass trials on them, also preventing them of family visits.

Nael Al-Barghouti, who spent more than 37 years in prison, explained to the lawyer that the administration of Ashqlon prison has confiscated their belongings, while prisoner Al-Qiq reported that IPS detains them in dirty and narrow cells, also his suffering of vomiting and dizziness and lost six kilograms of his weight.

On the other hand, the Israeli media escalated the incitement against prisoners, spreading lies and rumors, aiming at destabilizing the strike and influencing the morale of the prisoners. In return, the prisoners confirmed that they continue their strike until victory is achieved by meeting their just demands.

The activities supporting the strike are continued amid calls of the National Committee for the need to escalate the Palestinian street and all fronts with intensifying the popular participation worthy of the battle of freedom and dignity.

The prisoners demand to fulfill a number of basic demands that the IPS has denied them of, which they had achieved through many strikes over the years. The most prominent demands are: end the policy of administrative detention, end the policy of solitary confinement and end the policy of preventing family visits, end the policy of medical negligence, in addition to other basic and legitimate demands.