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Campaign to collect Egyptian signatures to support Palestinian prisoners’ demands
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Cairo, ALRAY – The Egyptian Social Democratic Party launched a statement on Tuesday to sign the political and institutional forces and people for solidarity and support the demands of Palestinian prisoners to stop solitary confinement and administrative detention, stop medical negligence and provide the necessary health care, as well as allow their families periodic visits.

The statement added that after twenty day passed since the beginning of the strike of the Palestinian prisoners (the strike of dignity) in Israeli jails, which began 17 of last April, thousands of prisoners chose the hunger strike to stop violations and arbitrary occupation against them.

The statement added “while the region is going through the darkest conditions and the loss of vision and hope, the Palestinian people are embarking a new Intifada led by their prisoners in Israeli prisons, inspiring not only the Arab peoples but also the free peoples of the world.”

“ About 1,700 hunger striking prisoners in more than 10 prisons are still suffering and calling to meet their legal demands” The statement said.

The signatories unanimously agreed to fully support the steadfastness of the Palestinian prisoners and demand the immediate release for them, as well as renewing the call for boycotts and divestments and impose sanctions on the Israeli entity.

They also affirmed their support for lifting the siege on the Palestinian people, opening the Rafah crossing permanently for individuals and goods, and prosecuting Israeli war criminals in local and international courts for their crimes against the Palestinian people in general and against prisoners in particular.

The party called on all media outlets to support the prisoners and to uphold their just cause in order to save their lives and achieve victory for their dignity.