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Hunger striker detainee enters the 25-day without any process
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West Bank, ALRAY About 1700 Palestinian detainees continued the Freedom and dignity hunger strike for the 25 consecutive days without any response from the Israeli Prison Service. 

 As the detainees enter the 25-day of hunger strike they faces real threat on their lives. Most of them suffers of Xerosislow blood pressure, arrhythmia and inability to move.

The IPS tries to quell this strike by holding the detainees in dirty cells, banning them the salt and breaks. It also keep moving the detainees from cell to another. 

It is expected that the ICRC to visit the leader of the hunger striker detainee Marwan Barghouti Thuresday, as the IPS has been banning the lawyers and the International Committees from visiting the hunger striker detainees since 17 April 2017. 

The National Committee of Supporting the Strike announced Thursday to be a day of national anger, calling on the Palestinian people to participate in the national marches.