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Hanyieh offers condolences to Egyptian soldiers, confirms strength of Arab body
Hamas politburo Chairman Ismail Haniyeh
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Gaza, ALRAY -- Hamas politburo Chairman Ismail Haniyeh offered condolences on Sunday to Egypt on the Egyptian soldiers who died in an armed attack in the Sinai Peninsula.

In his visit to the condolences tent established by Egyptian community in Gaza, Hanyieh said that his movement leadership sends deepest condolences to victims of soldiers of Egyptian army who died in the criminal attack in Saini, expressing his full solidarity with their families and people in Egypt.

Hanyieh stressed that his movement will hold up the steps take to strengthen the relationships with Egypt, pointing out that the security and political bodies in Gaza conducted several meetings to follow up the consequences of Sinai crime.

“ We will take security measures on the border so that Gaza remains safe of any security breaches from any side” Hanyieh said, adding that Gaza is a yard of extension for Arab and Egyptian national security.

Hanyieh said that the tent of condolences established by our people of Gaza is a massage for all that confirms that unity of Arab, national and Islamic tights that link us with our brothers in Egypt and all Muslim and Arab countries.

It is noteworthy that 23 Egyptian soldiers died on Friday, where 30 others wounded in an attack of the Islamic state "Dahesh" in North Sinai province in the northeast of the Egypt, while the Egyptian army killed 40 attackers of ISIS.