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Opening Rafah crossing according to understandings of Hamas, Egypt
Rafah border crossing.
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Gaza, ALRAY - Al-Hayat newspaper said that Egypt refused to include the understandings reached with Hamas on the agenda of the summit meeting between President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas in Cairo last Sunday.

The newspaper quoted Palestinian sources that the understandings reached by Egypt with Hamas movement included formulas to open the Rafah border crossing.

Newspaper revealed that Sisi told Abbas during the meeting that "the opening to the Gaza Strip came for humanitarian reasons against the suffering of 2 million Palestinians and security related to the fight against terrorism in Sinai," and tried to reassure him that his legitimacy "will not be touched".

The sources said that the next few weeks will see the restructuring of the administrative committee formed by "Hamas" four months ago, that Abbas demands to be dissolved, to include representatives close to MP Mohammed Dahlan and some small factions.

The sources added that some factions will support the Committee from abroad, and will participate in any formations or committees related to its work on community reconciliation, or support projects to create jobs or improve the deteriorating living conditions.

In the meantime, renewed talk about arrangements for the reopening of the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

A member of the Central Committee of "Fatah" Azzam al-Ahmad said that Cairo informed Abbas during his visit that the crossing "will not be reopened in normal form except the presence of the legal Palestinian crossing Authority of Abbas and" the presence of security guards of the President at the crossing".

Palestinian sources revealed that there is a "scenario" for dealing with the Rafah crossing similar to the way of working of Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing , where staff from the Civil Affairs Authority of the Palestinian Authority are at a checkpoint called "555" farawy of Erez by One kilometer inside the Gaza Strip.

Their mission is to communicate and coordinate with the occupation authorities.

The sources explained that the same way would done at the Rafah crossing if Abbas agreed to the presence of the presidential guard. If he refused, the likely ones, so Dahlan's men who will work inside the crossing, with Hamas members outside.