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Government Media Office holds political forum re Palestinian issues
GMO held Wednesday a political forum ‘Prospects of Reviving the Palestinian National Project’
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Gaza, ALRAY - Governmental Media Office held Wednesday a political forum ‘Prospects of Reviving the Palestinian National Project’ , attended by representatives of Palestinian factions and a number of writers , political and journalists.

Hamas leader Ismail Radwan spoke about Hamas vision in light of the recent speech of the head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, stressing that they are serious in applying these understandings.

He noted that the recent understandings that realized in Egypt are not alternative to Palestinian reconciliation , explaining that Haneyah's speech draw the future vision of Hamas which is concerned with keeping communication with Palestinian and international bodies. 

Dr. Sufian Abu Zaida, senior Palestinian leader, a member of Fatah and the PLO, spoke about the inner dispute in Fatah faction and its impact on the relations between Palestinian factions , Palestinian -Palestinian talks and the Palestinian-Egyptian talks. 

He said that the relation with Egypt is not a security matter, however nothing could be stated to media.

He highlighted the consequences of the last decisions made by the head of PA Abu Mazen, saying that he pushed Gaza into the hell , since abu Mazen cut the salaries of large majority employees, and the funds of the families of detainees and martyrs. 

He said that "The legitimacy of Abu Mazen is over, and he drives his legitimacy only from the Arab League of Arab .” He pointed out that the president sacrifices the relations with some Arab countries that ,offer political and fiancial support, financially for personal interests.

Rabah Muhanna, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), spoke about the PA's actions against Gaza and its repercussions on the national project. He accused the president of killing Gaza and splitting the Palestinian cause.

"Abu Mazen destroyed the Fatah movement and the PLO after the sixth conference, and unfortunately he still represents the Palestinian people, who must work to depose him from office. 

Muhanna criticized Abbas autocratic behavior in making decisions, saying that he fears of holding the Palestinian National Council," Muhanna said.

Taysir Moheisen talked about the impact of regional changes on the map of internal Palestinian relations.

He explained that there is an international support for the Israeli project , while the Palestinian cause witnesses a reduction in the internal and regional support.

Moheisen attributed this to the internal Palestinian dispute, the lack of support for the Palestinian position, coincided with the US administration biased to the Israeli side.

He described the speech of Hamas as a successful and objective and flexibile to all parties.

Moheisen also held President Abbas the responsibility for the deterioration sitution in the Gaza Strip.