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Tawjihi students’ defeat siege
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Gaza, ALRAY - Despite the ongoing cumulative crises in the Gaza Strip, Gazan students proved that they are much stronger and nothing will stand before their will and success. As soon as Tawjihi results, which is a General Secondary Certificate Examination in the Palestinian Territories and Jordan, were announced the sound of joy and celebrations were heard in almost every street in the besieged Gaza.

This year, the students sat the exam during the Holy Month of Ramadan, which means long hours of fasting, accompanied with almost 20 hours of power cut off. They were studying on candles light and had to bear the high temperatures reached to 42c. However, Gazan students achieved high marks and proved that difficult conditions will never be an obstacle before achieving their aims.

At 10:00 pm, Gaza was on a date of joy and happiness. As soon as the ministry of education announced the names of the 10 top students and released the results parties, fireworks, and sound of music were heard and seen in almost every house. Social media sites were thrilled with congratulations and photos of students and their marks.

Success joy undescribed 
“Alray” correspondent met student Ibrahim Yousef from Rafah city south of the Gaza Strip, one of the top on students who scored 99.4. “I can’t describe my happiness.. my parents provide me a suitable condition for studying despite the long hours of power cut off “, said Yousef. 
Youssef father said that his son was distinguish since he was a little boy and he always scored high marks at school exams. “I am very proud of my son who maintain the high level of success despite the difficult circumstances,” he added.

Excellence despite suffering 
Commenting on reasons behind Excellency of Gaza students, the educational psychologist Zuhir Malakha said, “Competing and success became main priority for Palestinians as they are fully aware that success in education is the weapon that helps them live and defeat the difficult conditions”.

“One of the main reasons also is the high level of awareness amongst parents who become more adherent to educate their sons, push them to be distinguished and help them to from their strong personalities,” he added.

Malakha pointed out that the Palestinian people are of strong will formed from different circumstances they passed through.

The Gazns are well known of their positive spirits and ambition, which they inherit to their sons.

Social specialist Salwa Abed said that the Palestinian people are the most educated and successful nation who prefers education on other things.

“Their success and excellency came from their strong will to free their lands believing that education and resistance are the only way to free their lands,” Abed affirmed.

The tawjihi are country-wide exams held at the completion of secondary school, and the mark obtained determines whether or not a student will gain entry to university, and into which courses and programmes. 
This year 70.237 Palestinian students sat the exams, 62% in the literary section passed while 84% in the scientific section.