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Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (October 15, 2017)
Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (October 15, 2017)
Alray International Media Watch
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Alray International Media Watch section is a daily press tour through selected international websites and newspapers, particularly the Israeli ones.

This section is prepared by Alray Palestinian Media Agency to update its viewers with the most Palestinian top news in the international press. 

Yedioth Ahronoth:

The Israel Police dismissed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's accusation that they are responsible for "a tsunami of leaks" regarding the investigations against him, calling them "baseless attacks" and slamming him for undermining the rule of law. Further details

Fatah has reportedly demanded Hamas to stop efforts to launch terror attacks against Israel from the West Bank as part of their reconciliation agreement, a Palestinian source said on Sunday. Further details

It didn’t take long after the firework smoke cleared in Gaza for some Palestinians to start questioning whether a unity deal between their two most powerful factions would hold. Further details

 A "dream team" comprised of minorities, including Muslim Israeli citizens and even a Palestinian, will embark on a trip to the US and Europe on Friday to face activists from the Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) movement. But before ever taking off from Israel, they have already been the target of a campaign of incitement. Further details

Israel criticized the Palestinian reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo on Thursday, because it did not include Hamas recognizing Israel or the terror organization's disarmament. Further details

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday night Israel plans to pull out of the United Nations' cultural agency following the "brave and moral" decision by the United States to withdraw from UNESCO. Further details

Fatah and Hamas representatives finalized a reconciliation agreement between the two warring Palestinian factions, the culmination of a round of talks that started Tuesday. Further details

The Jerusalem Post:

embers of an Israeli-Arab delegation set to travel to the United States to meet students in a public diplomacy mission received threats from Arab media. Further details

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman slammed Great Britain, France and Germany Saturday night for their opposition to the steps US President Donald Trump announced against the Iranian nuclear deal. Further details

A well-known advocate for Israel and Christian Zionist filmmaker is considering to run for a seat in the US House of Representatives. Further details

The full text of the agreement Hamas and Fatah announced in Cairo on Thursday was leaked on social media over the weekend. The agreement sought to partially restore the Palestinian Authority’s presence in the Gaza Strip. Further details

Israel must immediately terminate its relations with the Palestinian Authority due to the deal it signed with Hamas in Cairo, Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett said on Saturday night. Further details

Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah signed a reconciliation deal Thursday after Hamas agreed to hand over administrative control of Gaza, including the key Rafah border crossing, a decade after seizing the enclave in a civil war. Further details

The Jewish people do not have the right to self-determination, though Palestinians do, Joint List MK Haneen Zoabi said in a speech in Dallas last week. Further details

he much-hailed accord signed in Cairo between Hamas and Fatah this week reportedly contains secret clauses, one of which was that Hamas will longer carry out terror attacks on Jewish settlements in the West Bank, according to veteran army radio analyst Jacky Hug. Further details

One of Denmark’s largest pension funds announced that it will bar investment in four companies that operate in West Bank settlements. Further details

The Times of Israel:

Former British prime minister and peace negotiator Tony Blair said the international community made a mistake boycotting Hamas after the terror group’s victory in the 2006 Palestinian elections, saying it should have instead attempted to “pull Hamas into a dialogue.” Further details

A top Israeli minister will on Sunday demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu several all ties between Israel and the Palestinian Authority following a reconciliation deal signed in Cairo on Thursday between the Fatah party, which dominates the PA, and the Gaza-based Hamas terror group. Further details

As Audrey Azoulay narrowly defeats Qatari candidate, Israel said it would reconsider quitting body if its policies change, but isn't holding its breath. Further details

France’s former culture minister Audrey Azoulay was elected to head UNESCO after a cliffhanger vote on Friday evening. Further details

France’s Audrey Azoulay, chosen Friday to lead UNESCO, said following her election she believed member states must “get involved” in the organization and “not leave it,” a day after the US and Israel announced their plans to withdraw. Further details

A landmark Palestinian unity deal poses a dilemma for the international community if it succeeds: how to deal with Hamas, which is dedicated to eliminating Israel and is considered a terrorist organization by much of the world. Further details

Jordan on Thursday condemned the influx of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount over the week-long festival of Sukkot, describing it as “the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque by settlers and Jewish extremists,” and slamming “irresponsible” Israel for permitting them entry to the compound. Further details

Three Palestinians were arrested in overnight clashes with Israeli security forces in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, police said on Friday. Further details

Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat on Thursday received a lung transplant at a Virginia hospital. Further details

Israel National News:

The Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported this morning, Sunday, that the Hamas terror group has committed not to conduct terror activity in Judea and Samaria, within the context of a reconciliation deal with Fatah, according to NRG. Further details

Palestinian Authority (PA) figure Jibril Rajoub spoke to Channel 2's "Meet the Israeli Press" program about the PA's recent reconciliation agreement with Hamas. Further details

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) will demand Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sever all ties with the Palestinian Authority (PA), Channel 2 reported. Further details

MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beytenu) has reacted to MK Hanin Zoabi’s (Joint Arab List) recent comments regarding the Jewish People's right to self-determination. Further details

Press TV:

Russia’s defense minister is to travel to Israel soon, with Iran and Syria expected to take center stage in talks between the two sides, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz reports. Further details