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IOF notifies to demolish Jerusalemite houses, arrests 3 youths in Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) notified to demolish 5 Palestinian houses in the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem, and arrested 3 Jerusalemites.

Local sources reported that the IOF issued new demolition notices to five Palestinian houses near Ezzariya town, southeast of occupied Jerusalem.

The IOF keep pursuing the Palestinians living in that area in a bid to evict all inhabitants from there to conduct the largest settlement project in Jerusalem, known as “A1”, which completely and ultimately separates the city from its Palestinian extension.

In addition, the IOF arrested at dawn Monday the Palestinian Ahmed Jaber, after raiding his house in Hazma town, north-east of Jerusalem and took him to an unknown interrogation center.

The IOF also arrested Mahmoud abu Jomaa from Tur Mount for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktail on Israeli military patrols, and another Palestinian for also allegedly hurling Molotov cocktail on an Israeli police center near Herod’s Gate.