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EU countries call Israel for compensation on demolishing facilities in areas C
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Ramallah, ALRAY – Eight European countries have prepared a protest letter demanding Israel to pay € 30,000 in compensation for confiscating and demolishing of buildings and infrastructure installations established by these countries in Area C in the West Bank.

Hebrew newspaper of Haaretz reported on Thursday that a senior European diplomat said that "the letter will be handed over to officials in the Israeli Foreign Ministry in the upcoming days."

He also pointed out that Belgium will lead this step, where other participating countries are: France, Spain, Sweden, Luxemburg, Italy, Ireland and Denmark.

The eight countries are members in the “European Group For Humanitarian Assistance”, which is a group designated to coordinate for humanitarian activities in C areas in the West Bank.

In their protest letter, the eight countries are protesting the confiscation of solar panels for energy that serve Bedouin Arabs, in addition to the demolition of mobile buildings built with European funding in the same area to be used as classrooms for children.

It is noteworthy that this letter is not the first protest step, where diplomats from the G8 met, a month and a half ago, with head of Europe's department of Israeli Foreign Ministry, Rodica Radian, to protest against Israeli actions against Palestinian Bedouin in Area C.

According to an official in Israeli foreign ministry, the Ambassador of Belgium to Israel called to return the equipment that was confiscated, or his country will call on Israel to pay compensation.

On the other hand, European position is according to Geneva Convention, Israel is obliged to provide living needs in Area C, and since it does not do so, European countries provide this humanitarian assistance.