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Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (October 19, 2017)
Alray International Media Watch from Alray Palestinian Media Agency (October 19, 2017)
Alray International Media Watch
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Alray International Media Watch section is a daily press tour through selected international websites and newspapers, particularly the Israeli ones.

This section is prepared by Alray Palestinian Media Agency to update its viewers with the most Palestinian top news in the international press. 

Yedioth Ahronoth:

Kuwaiti parliament speaker Marzouq al-Ghanim on Wednesday publicly rebuked the Israeli parliamentary delegation at the 137th meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in St. Petersburg, Russia on Wednesday. Further details


Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan stated on Wednesday that he intends to encourage Israeli citizens to carry arms for their personal safety, during the inauguration ceremony of the new firearms licensing bureau in the city of Ramla. Further details


Israel must halt new building plans for settler homes in the West Bank, the European Union’s Foreign Service said in a statement on Wednesday, warning that such settlements threaten any future peace deal with the Palestinians. Further details


Bereaved families and settler leaders harshly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government on Wednesday, saying they are still waiting for a budget to be allocated for security measures they were promised for their communities. Further details


Meretz leader Zehava Galon announced on Wednesday her intention to resign from the Knesset, saying she wants to dedicate the coming months to leading Meretz and changing the party's election system. Further details


IDF and Shin Bet forces raided eight media and production companies providing services to Palestinian television channels affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad overnight Wednesday. Further details


A senior Palestinian official spoke about the Security Cabinet's decision to condition further talks on Hamas's disarmament, saying it falsely assumed Hamas elements would join the Palestinian government following the inter-Palestinian reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, when in fact they have not and will not. Further details


The Political-Security Cabinet decided Israel will not negotiate with the Palestinians until Hamas is disarmed, it was decided in a meeting called following the Hamas-Fatah recent reconciliation agreement. Further details


The Jerusalem Post:

Early contacts are under way to plan an Israeli-African summit in Israel next year, following the cancellation of a first-of-its-kind summit that was to be held next week in Lomé, Togo. Further details


ight member states of the EU are taking an unprecedented move by penning a letter demanding that Israel reimburse them for its decision to take apart infrastructures in the West Bank that were slated to serve as equipment for local schools (serving mostly the Beduin community). Further details


US special envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, responded Thursday morning to the recently-struck Palestinian unity deal, backing up Israel in its stance on negotiations with a future, Hamas-run Palestinian government in the West Bank and in Gaza. Further details


UN Security Council members and the EU condemned Israel’s advancement this week of plans for 2,733 settler homes in the West Bank, warning that it could lead to a one-state reality. Further details


A 2,000-year-old labyrinth of caves dating to the Roman period discovered beneath the home of a Lower Galilee family was recently plundered by antiquities thieves, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Wednesday. Further details


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must endorse and fund a new security plan for West Bank roads and communities, settlers and terrorism victims said Wednesday as they staged a small protest in Jerusalem. Further details


The Gaza Strip will have three new solar energy plants operating by April, the US-based energy firm behind the project said on Tuesday, providing the territory with some relief from daily blackouts but far from meeting its severe power shortages. Further details


Israeli troops raided the offices of eight Palestinian media and production outlets in the West Bank overnight Tuesday, suspecting them of distributing and broadcasting inciting material. Further details


Some 200 cyclists from the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Israel will hop onto their bikes next Tuesday for a weeklong ride dedicated to facilitating a dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. Further details


Twenty years after three Israeli women were murdered in a suicide bombing at Tel Aviv’s Café Apropos, members of the victims’ families on Tuesday memorialized their loved ones during a ceremony near the site of the attack. Further details


The Times of Israel:

The United States called Thursday for the Hamas terror group to disarm and renounce violence before being allowed to implement a highly touted unity deal with Palestinian rival Fatah, in a first detailed response to the agreement. Further details


Eight European Union member states are demanding that Israel pay them back for the demolition and confiscation of buildings and other installations constructed for the benefit of Bedouin encampments in Area C of the West Bank by the EU’s mission in Israel. Further details


The State Attorney’s Office on Wednesday voiced its opposition to a High Court petition filed by a group of settlers illegally squatting in a disputed Hebron building, and insisted, once again, that the 15 families must be evacuated from the site. Further details


The Defense Ministry body responsible for authorizing settlement construction advanced plans for some 1,300 West Bank homes Wednesday, capping off a week which saw the green-lighting of over 2,600 homes. Further details


The European Union Wednesday warned Israel that continued building in the West Bank is endangering efforts to renew peace talks with the Palestinians, as Israel advanced over 2,000 homes in a two-day blitz of approvals. Further details


IDF soldiers on Wednesday shot and wounded a Palestinian man who ran at them with a knife at the Gush Etzion Junction in the West Bank, the army said. Further details


Very few things enjoy across the board support from rival political camps in Israel, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision last week to start “preparing” to leave UNESCO was one of them. Further details


Israeli security cooperation with the Palestinian Authority should and will continue, even under a Palestinian unity government that includes the terror organization Hamas, Education Minister Naftali Bennett said Wednesday. Further details


The London underground has banned a Palestinian poster campaign marking 100 years since the signing of the 1917 Balfour Deceleration in which the British government declared its support for establishing a Jewish state. Further details


Security forces overnight raided eight Palestinian media and production organizations in the West Bank, suspected of distributing and broadcasting content that incites and encourages terror, the IDF said Wednesday. Further details


A spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned on Tuesday the latest batch of settlement homes that were advanced by Israel through various stages this week, saying they were in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions. Further details


The Palestinian Authority brushed off Israel’s decision to suspend peace talks over the reconciliation accord reached between PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party and the Hamas terror group, saying it would have “no bearing” on the implementation of the unity deal. Further details


Israel National News:

As the centennial of the Balfour Declaration approaches, British officials continue to exhibit zero tolerance for the intensifying campaign of anti-Israel Arab forces against the Declaration. Further details


The European Union is demanding that Israel compensate it for demolishing Arab buildings that were illegally built in Area C, which is under full Israeli control. Further details


The Security Cabinet made the dramatic decision to freeze diplomatic contact with the Palestinian Authority following the signing of a reconciliation between the Fatah and Hamas organizations. Further details


Press TV:

Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gholamali Khoshroo said Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories is the origin of all problems in the Middle East. Further details


The European Union has urged the Israeli regime to stop plans for the construction of new settler units in the occupied West Bank, warning that such moves undermine peace efforts. Further details


Israeli forces have carried out overnight raids on the offices of multiple Palestinian media outlets and production firms in the occupied West Bank, closing them down for a six-month period. Further details


Palestinian factions have brushed off Israeli threats that it will not negotiate with a unity government which includes Hamas, with the Palestinian Authority (PA) saying such a hostile stance would not affect the nation’s resolve to pursue its goals. Further details


Israeli authorities have approved plans for construction of 1,292 settler homes in the occupied West Bank, a settlement watchdog NGO reports. Further details