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U.S officials: Reconciliation aim is to regain Gaza
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - senior official at the White house said that the Egyptian mediation between Fatah and Hamas create a positive opportunity for Palestinian Authority (PA) to get back to the Gaza Strip. 

According to Haaretz, Israeli daily paper, the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump is continuing to back Egyptian efforts at reconciliation between Fatah and Hama, despite its demand to disarm Hams, which will not “happen overnight”

“Egypt has helped us crack open a door to Gaza that didn’t exist a few weeks ago, and we see it as a possible opportunity,” said one senior White House official who asked not to be identified due to the diplomatic sensitivity of the matter. “Israelis and Palestinians are so much better off if we can make something out of it.”

Haaretz reported than on Thursday, the Trump administration’s special envoy on the peace process, Jason Greenblatt, was in Cairo for several hours during which he met with senior officials from Egypt’s general intelligence service who are responsible for reconciliation efforts between Fatah and Hamas. From the Egyptian capital, Greenblatt returned to Jerusalem, where on Sunday he is due to continue talks with Israel and the Palestinians.

The White House official said Greenblatt met in Cairo with the head of Egyptian intelligence, General Khaled Fawzi, to discuss the situation in Gaza and the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation efforts.

"The United States reiterated the importance of any Palestinian government adhering to the Quartet principles, unambiguously and explicitly committing to nonviolence, recognizing the State of Israel, accepting previous agreements and obligations between the parties – including to disarm terrorists – and committing to peaceful negotiations," said the White House official.