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Israeli occupation police detains 67 Palestinian workers, including 40 minors
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Negev, ALRAY – The Israeli occupation polices detained 67 Palestinian workers, including 40 minors in the Palestinian Negev, under the pretext of their work inside “Israel” without permits. All the detainees are from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

In a press release, Israeli police claimed that they had received information about the presence of those workers inside the settlement greenhouses, where they allegedly seized with about 20-24 tons of grapes and about 5-7 tons of tomatoes, loaded in four cars parked nearby.

Four vehicles were seized inside greenhouses near the town of Beit Awwa, noting that the minors were later released, while 27 others were transferred to detention, police added.

Palestinian workers often complain, even those who have permits, from police chases, where they organize themselves to watch the police and disappear from police patrols. The Israeli occupation police often do not recognize permits and demand their renewal after tearing them apart.