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IOF arrests 51 Jerusalemites across al-Issawiya
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Jerusalem, ALRAY -- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided the neighborhood of al-Issawiya overnight and detained 51 Palestinians after searching dozens of homes in the area.

Media sources reported that large number of police forces stormed the neighborhood around midnight from all entrances “causing panic and fear among residents” while a helicopter flew overhead.

51 Palestinians were detained for "disrupting order" recently in al-Issawiya, including throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at security vehicles, the sources added.

Member of the local follow-up committee in al-Issawiya, Muhammad Abu al-Hummus, reported that the IOF delivered interrogation summons to several Palestinians in the area -- including former prisoner Shirin al-Issawi -- and that the IOF raided the neighborhood again Monday morning while students were on their way to school.

Lawyer of the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affair Muhammad Mahmoud, who visited detainees at different detention centers, said that he followed up on the cases of 27 of the detainees, who he said were all teenagers between the ages of 15 to 18.

The detainees were identified as Muhammad Ibrahim Mustafa, Adam Khalid Abu Shammaleh, Ayyub Ali Abu al-Hummus, Saleh Badr Abu Assab, Udayy Ali Dirbas, Khalid Muhammad Ali, Walid Tawfiq Abu al-Hummus, Alaa Ahmad Dari, Abed al-Razeq Moussa Mustafa, Muhammad Ramadan Masri, Adam Kayid Mahmoud, Ahmad Eid Rumi, Wassim Iyad Dari, Yousif Issa Mustafa, Ahmad Abd al-Raoud Mahmoud, Muhammad Tawfiq Abu al-Hummus, Amir Othman Darwish, Muhammad Hussein Assid, Yousif Tariq Darwish, Imad Abu Riyaleh, Mahmoud Attiyeh, Qusay Ahmad Dari, Mamoun Bassel Mahmoud, Yazan al-Hirbawi, Majd Marwan Dari and Fadi al-Issawi.