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Reconciliation agreement will improve Gaza conditions: Sisi
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Gaza, ALRAY - Egyptian president Abed Al-Fatah Sisi said that Palestinian reconciliation will prevent turning Gaza Strip to a” friable situation”.

He added with a meeting to “Franc 24” that Egypt aimed to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation to brought security, peace and stability in the region.

Sisi pointed out that the reconciliation agreement enable the Palestinian Authority (PA) to control the West bank and the Gaza Strip, adding that Rafah crossing will be opened and the employees’ issue will be solved as well.

“Rafah crossing is part of the crossings of Gaza and abided by international laws and conventions, by the return of the PA, it will be an important outlet to Gaza and will help in fighting terrorism,” Sisi clarified.

He mentioned that achieving the reconciliation will create a positive atmosphere to achieve peace with Israel.