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Palestinian patient detainees suffer poor conditions: Prisoner commission reports
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities keep the policy of deliberate medical negligence against Palestinian detainees in prisons, the commission of Palestinian detainees’ affairs reported.

A report issued by the commission quoted testimonies of sick prisoners as saying that the conditions of patient detainees are unbearable due to the policy of deliberate medical negligence by the Israeli prison service (IPS), which deprives them of many of their rights.

The report mentioned the case of the detainee Mahmoud Abd Arrahman as one of many cases, saying that Mahmoud, 34, from Ramallah arrested in 2007 and sentenced to 18 years, suffers of a stomach germ that causes him severe pain, and is just given painkillers, without a real follow-up to his poor health conditions.

The detainee Salih Omar Salih, 21, from Balata refugee camp south of Nablus, told the lawyer Mu'taz Shekirat that he suffers of severe back pain as a result of four bullet wounds to his body when he was arrested near Hawara checkpoint on 26/4/2017. Three bullets remained and one, hit an artery in his back, remained in his body paralyzing his movement.

It is noteworthy that 200 prisoners suffer from chronic diseases, 25 detainees with cancer, 85 suffer from various disabilities (physical, mental, psychological and sensory), and 25 prisoners hospitalize permanently in the Ramle prison clinic.