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IOF breaks into Aqabat al-Saraya in Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Amid a climate of palpable tension, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF), accompanied by municipality construction workers, broke on Tuesday into Aqabat al-Saraya area in the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the aim of this operation is to search for unlicensed houses, repairing, maintenance works, removing hazards, fixing infrastructure, erasing graffiti from walls, and to ransack Palestinian houses of those involved in acts of resistance.

The sources added that settlement associations are trying to put a hand on a number of houses in the area, which caused erupting clashes between Palestinian citizens and the IOF and the settlement associations.

In the same context, the IOF closed the Salah Ad-Din road near the Historic Wall of Jerusalem, under the pretext of existing a suspicious object there.

It is worth mentioning that closing the road triggered a large traffic jam, since this road is one of the most active streets in Jerusalem.