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European delegation arrives to Gaza to check Rafah crossing
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Gaza, ALRAY - An European delegation arrived on Wednesday morning to the Gaza Strip through Beit Hanoun crossing to check Rafah crossing with Egypt.

Our reporter said that the delegation of the European Union commission includes 12 people aiming to visit Rafah crossing.

The visit will be for hours only and it will leave on the same day.

The Gaza Strip witnessed notable diplomatic visits of several European commissions of several countries to follow up their countries projects or to discuss peace process in the Middle East.

There are three main crossing points out of the Gaza Strip: the northern Erez Crossing and the eastern Karni Crossing used only for cargo into Israel and the southern Rafah Crossing into Egypt. Other cargo crossing points are the Kerem Shalom border crossing on the border with Egypt and the Sufa Crossing further north.

The crossings are crucial to the economy of the Gaza Strip and to the daily needs of the population. Closing the crossings is considered as collective punishment for all who live in the tiny besieged enclave.