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Warning of Israeli scheme to divert Halamish settlement into large settlement block
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Ramallah, ALRAY - The Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee warned of an Israeli scheme to divert the Jewish settlement of Halamish, west of the northern West Bank city of Ramallah, into a large settlement block.

This will be done through segregating Palestinian villages from the city and grabbing the citizens’ lands, after the recent capture of the Palestinians’ lands in Deir Nizam, and the Prophet Saleh villages.

Mohammed al-Tamimi, an activist in the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee, called upon International institutions and media to follow up Israel’s schemes and projects being carried out by its authorities to expand the settlement.

He added that since the Halamish attack in which three settlers were killed, the Israeli authorities has expropriated dozens of Palestinian dunams, bulldozed them, uprooted trees, established mobile homes for Jewish settlers, carried out expanding operations in the surrounding of an Israeli-controlled factory, erected a number of military checkpoints and closed the main road leading to villages of Deir Nizam and Beitelu.