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UN High Commissioner boycotts 130 companies work in Israeli settlements
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Gaza, ALRAY - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights sent boycott notices to 130 Israeli companies that work inside the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, Hebrew newspaper reported Thursday.

Ynet newspaper reported that UN High Commissioner sent also 60 notices to European companies that work in Israeli settlements. It added that in case these companies continue their work in settlements they will be enlisted to the blacklist, which is prepared by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid bin Raed al-Hussein, against companies work outside the territory of 48.

The Commissioner accused those companies of acting contrary to international law and United Nations resolutions.

Among the companies that received the notices are Cellcom, Coffee Coffee, Alon, Angel Bakery, Motorola, Nesher, Partner, Paz, Rami Levy, Remix, Shufersal, Sonol, Hot, Electra, Albit, Bank Leumi, Bezeq , Coca-Cola, Egged, McCourt, Tiba.

It was revealed previously a list of joint Israeli-American countries that work to hinder such action but they failed.