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France calls Israel to release lawyer Salah Hamouri
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Paris, ALRAY -- France expressed concern over the fate of the French lawyer Salah al-Hamouri, who has been administratively detained in Israeli jails since August 23

"We are concerned about the situation of our citizen Salah al-Hamouri, who has been detained by the Israeli authorities since August 23, 2017, as he has consular protection from our consulate in Jerusalem under an agreement," said spokeswoman for Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, Agnes Roumetti Espanyani.

She added in a press statement on Wednesday that “the last appeal to the administrative detention decision was held on October 22 in the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, but our citizen and his lawyer were unable to identify the charges against him”.

“The excessive and systematic administrative detention violates the right to a fair trial and the right to defend the prisoner. We demand that all rights of Hamouri to be respected and released.” She pointed out.

Al-Hamouri works with the Palestinian non-governmental organization Al-Dameer and he was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces on August 23 from his house in Jerusalem and placed under administrative detention for six months.

Last month, Amnesty International condemned al-Hamouri's "arbitrary detention" as a result of "excessive use of administrative detention that allows suspects to be held permanently without charge or trial."

Hamouri was arrested in 2005 and sentenced to nine years in prison after he was accused of planning to assassinate the Jewish rabbi Ovadia Yosef, which he denied and considered to be intriguing because of his positions and struggle with his people to end the occupation.

Al-Hamouri was released as part of the "Shalit deal" for the exchange of prisoners in 2011, after a media and popular campaign and political pressure in France.