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Palestinian economic expert opposes European existence at Rafah crossing
  • Gaza News
  • 08:11 05 November 2017
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Palestinian Economic expert  Maher Attabaa’ expressed Sunday his objection to any European existence at Rafah crossing , explaining that it is a bure Egyptian- Palestinian crossing.


Attabaa’ said at his Facebook page that he is against any European existence at Rafah crossing, saying that there is no need for foreign interface. He added that in case there is presence on  the European existence at the crossing , as an integral part of 2005 agreement, the whole agreement must be applied as one package without excluding any clause.  

Attabaa’ explained that 2005 Agreement stated to resuming the work in Karni crossing, assume the security tunnel between Gaza and West Bank, establishing a seaport  and airport in Gaza , allowing goods entry via Rafah crossing.

He noted that handing the crossing to the Palestinian Authority will not change the economic reality.

He explained that the economic reality in Gaza will not change unless the tight siege on Gaza is lift, allows the free movement of goods, eliminate the GRM, allow the entry of goods that Israel classifies as  has dual usage , allows the free movement of people via Gaza crossings, solving the crisis in Gaza.