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Israeli occupation denies entry of European Delegation Over 'Support for Israel Boycott
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West Bank, ALRAY – European delegation of 20 parliaments and several mayors of Europe has been forced to cancel their trip to Palestinian territories because of the Israeli occupation denied the delegation entry to Ben-Gurion Airport and expelled them from the country.

Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Der'i banned seven European parliamentarians from entering Israel on the basis of a law banning a visa to those calling for a boycott of Israel.

The 20-member delegation, which was set to arrive next week, was to include European Parliament members and French mayors. The Israeli Interior Ministry's Population, Immigration and Border Authority said seven of the 20 delegation members will be barred from entering Israel, adding it obtained information that they had called for a boycott of Israel.

Israeli media reported that the purpose of the visit was to meet with the jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti at Hadarim Prison, as part of their support for Barghouti and Palestinian prisoners.

The member cancelled their flight as the Israeli authorities announced they would arrest them and prevent them from entering.

Instead, the parliamentarians will organize a demonstration on Sunday afternoon in front of the Israeli embassy in Paris.
The French airline was in constant contact with the Population and Immigration Authority in the last few hours. During the talks, Israeli representatives indicated that nine prominent members of the boycott movement would be refused entry.