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Session to discuss objections against Kedem settlement draft
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Jerusalem, ALRAY -- Israeli Central Court in Jerusalem to held a meeting on Monday morning to discuss the objections filed by the Wadi Hilweh Committee in Silwan on the Kedem settlement project, which the settlement Alad intends to implement opposite Al Aqsa Mosque.

The Wadi Hilweh Committee explained that it had objected to the Kedem project several years ago, where the Qatari Committee accepted the objection of the population represented by the committee and rejected the project by mid-2015.

Under political guidance, specifically in March 2016, a new Qatari committee appointed, which in turn approved the project and rejected all appeals and objections, the committee added.

The committee stated that they filed through the lawyer Sami Ershid another objection in the Central Court, where the objection was hard-won and appointed another hearing on Monday to discuss the objections filed.

The committee called on all bodies of the town of Silwan with its committees, institutions, personalities and citizens to be present at 9:00 am on Monday at the Central Court in Salah El-Din Street, as their presence of largest number of residents important to stop the project.