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US refuses statement welcomes Palestinian Reconciliation
US refuses statement welcomes Palestinian Reconciliation
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US- ALRAY - The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the United States refused to work on drafting a statement presented by Moscow and Cairo to the Security Council that welcomes the Palestinian reconciliation. 

Russian Foreign Ministry explained in a statement Monday that the draft welcomes the Palestinian reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo last October. The statement also praised the efforts of the Egyptian president to realize the agreement. 

The ministry stressed that most of the delegations to the Security Council expressed their willingness to support Moscow and Cairo stance, noting that it is important to send a clear message to the Palestinians parties indicting that it is the time to reconcile Gaza with West Bank under a national umbrella. 

The Russian Foreign ministry said that US does not accept this policy, and they refused to draft the statement claiming that the agreement reconciliation involved with ambiguous. It is a clear sample of the double standards of the US foreign policy.