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Trump's senior adviser involved in supporting settlement in United Nations
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Jerusalem, ALRAY -- A US newspaper reported on Wednesday that an investigation in being carried out into the involvement of Turmp’s son-in-law and his chief adviser, Jared Kouchner, on thwarting draft resolutions condemning Israeli settlement in the United Nations.


The investigation is being conducted by the American investigator on Russia's involvement in the recent US election, Robert Mueller, and talks about Kouchner's attempts to several ways to thwart resolutions condemning the settlement of United Nations in December of last year 2016, according to the Wall Street Journal.


The newspaper said Kouchner and President Donald Trump staff made great efforts to thwart the decision following an official Israeli request in this regard.
The son-in-law of US President has asked several countries to discourage them to vote in favor of the condemning without mentioning the names of these countries, the newspapers added.


President Trump Kouchner and Jason Greenblatt are tasked with making progress in the Middle East peace process, where they’ve visited the region more than once in an effort to resume negotiations.